HongHai Recommended magical nonstick cookware, bid farewell to the era of fumes


Non-stick, by definition it is not stick cooking cooking pot. No matter the  level of cooking, stick pan is one thing that is quite a headache, so nonstick  this artifact came into being. His advent to people's lives has brought great  convenience, when people do not mention heart Zhurou accidentally scorched,  crumbled tofu fried tofu is not afraid to spend.

The principle of non-stick cookware that is common in coated non-stick  coating, easy to clean in order to achieve non-stick effect. Common with Teflon  coating and ceramic coating, the former is a chemical coating, although now  widely used, but if used improperly or purchased product quality problems or  cause health problems; the latter Ceramics stable, and after thousands of years  of use test has proved its safety. Using nanotechnology to make a compact  non-porous surface of the product to achieve the non-stick effect.

In the use of non-stick cookware has brought us a lot of convenience, but  with respect to the wok with a stainless steel pan, non-stick coating containing  certain chemicals, so in the purchase and use the time to pay special attention.  Note that the purchase of the following aspects: First, the appearance of  quality, non-stick pan coating should be smooth, color, opacity, gloss should be  basically uniform, no bubbles, no loss, also called hot melt coating should be  completely free dirt, cracks and other obvious defects explosion point. The  second depends on the thickness of the material pot, the pot should be the  material of aluminum or aluminum alloy material. 3 depends on non-stick coating  thickness, the national standard frying pan, wok average thickness of the  coating is greater than or equal to 25 micrometers, in addition to the non-stick  coating is required before the blast cleaned surface, increasing surface  roughness and processing big adhesion, thereby increasing the adhesion fastness  and scratch resistance.