Kitchen Cleaning Tips


Often the most troublesome is cleaning the kitchen cleaned up, then how  easily and effectively remove dirt kitchen? Here are several simple it is good  enough that you have to remember the little coup.

Egg shell bonus: oil bottle long-term use will accumulate a lot of grease,  the grease in the summer this will produce some disgust smell. In this case, it  is recommended to eat crushed shell eggs crushed with warm water poured into the  tank with the lid tightly rocking back and forth for about a minute, pour dirty  water. Rinse with water.

The use of thermal expansion and contraction principle removes the scale.  The bottom of the kettle will be long-term use of a thick layer of scale. Scale  will empty into the pot roast on the fire until after the water vapor completely  evaporated immediately immersed in cold water which, instead of note is immersed  in cold water poured into the pot. After expansion and contraction scale  attendant fragmentation, loss.

Qiao rub aluminum pan: aluminum pan surface when there is oil, sand or soot  although it can wipe decontamination but very inefficient. Wet aluminum pan,  then scouring powder into a paste, add soap head with cotton dipped in washing.  Of course, the easiest way is to take advantage of hot pot surface with a damp  cloth or newspaper, will be able to wipe clean.

Bleaching agents also can be washed kitchenware: cookware may be a part of  the plastic material may be found after a certain period of time will be sticky.  Use diluted bleach to soak overnight. The second morning rinse with water. Soon  it is clean as new.

Cleaning Pans: generally do not stick pan coating. Pour detergent after  cleaning wipe with a cloth. You can not use a stiff brush or metal brush to  clean.

Ca cutting board: Do not pay attention to cleaning bruised hand, find an  old toothbrush to clean water and detergent in there, brush clean. Finally,  rinse with water dry.

Stainless steel cooker can only use a soft towel moistened with water to  clean detergent dirt. If you use hard scouring pads or steel wool four.  Scratches easily damage the stainless steel cooktop.

Marble countertop materials can not be used to wipe toluene, unable to  clear white flowers. And because of the choice of a soft scouring pad rub.

Kitchen utensils ceramic material may be a hard steel balls or grit  scouring cloth, and the choice of detergent is neutral or slightly alkaline is  better.

Scale wash station and other places can not use strong acidic toilet  powder, dilute hydrochloric acid and the like. Will damage the glaze, lost  light. Sprinkle with additional rust cleaner longer dirty, discolored enamel.  Application of clean porcelain treasure and other timely clean.