Qiao Stew selected a good pot of must know tips


1. Appearance: Good pot with touch about the look and feel smooth texture, if you feel astringent grinding is not detailed enough. Then look at the pot handle and the pot body can achieve seamless effect, which is how much weight the handle can withstand critical, now that most pots and pans have been used spot welding technology to connect the body and the pot handle. Good spot welds can not see any traces of the junction was rounded streamlined. The thickness of the pot should be equal, so that food can heat evenly.

2. Material: good pot bottom of the pot should be thick enough to withstand high temperatures. Now popular design is made of steel and aluminum steel, steel copper steel sandwich bottom three of these, so heat quickly, with a small fire cooking can achieve the desired effect, anhydrous or less water, no cooking fuel oil or less. Because even heat is not easy to produce soot. Also pot body and the materials are not the best compact suction. Matt stainless steel design is widely used by big brands, it can effectively prevent water stains and scratches.

3. Design details: simple shape not only to look good, and should be useful features inherent in modeling. For example, after the placement of the lid will not lay down how to turn half came to a halt in the pot there are several who can put the center of gravity and the law is very stable, the pot rim at what angle ensures pour out the broth into the water column will not disperse open pollution pot body, pot pot body to handle the distance is not enough heat radiation can not be hot hand. Whether a pot of good design takes into account these details are very important.

4. Sealing performance: If you want to achieve dry cooking, pot sealing is very important. Only the edge of the lid and the pot itself fully consistent form a vacuum, when the food is heated to evaporate the water before they can all return to the pot, do so out of food can be authentic. Further sealing to avoid overflow the pot, but also to maintain the pot temperature equilibrium, the formation of the circulatory system, heated and cooked food, avoid vitamins, minerals are oxidized to make dishes juicy.

Basic household pot

1. saucepan: thin flat pot can be heated quickly, mainly used for frying. Fried eggs, fried steak, and even pancake is very easy to use.

2. Binaural frying pan: pan than deep, used for cooking is easy, but with the biggest difference is the saucepan can use it to cook, boil after the finish can be easily put a pot of steaming hot food side serve.

3. steamer set: powerful, can be steamed, boiled, stewed, baked cakes, simple cooking can be swept.

4. The pressure cooker: Want quick stew, pressure cooker or necessary, to retain the greatest degree of nutrition, but has never been to the kitchen of the people using them may still be psychological pressure.

5. Hot water pot: graduated boiler pot easy to use them to know.

Use Tips

1. Prepare the new pot before use in the pot add some water, white vinegar or lemon juice, fire, steam take Guobian see it. The pot of water drained, rinsed with water, and finally dry with kitchen paper. This is done in order to remove the machine grinding oil production. To enhance performance in boiling pot, before the first use, the pot on a mixture of 25 liters of milk and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. The pan is then washed in hot water, dry thoroughly.

2. Empty burn pot If you accidentally burn long empty pots and pans, you should turn off the heat and let the pot on the stove to cool slowly. Do not rapidly washed with cold water, otherwise easily lead to deformation of the pot, or even fall off.

3. To avoid corrosion do not include the solid salt and brine in an empty pot, stainless steel pot to prevent corrosion, resulting in pits difficult to remove.

4. Clean the problem cookware brand counters of stainless steel utensils abrasive cleaning emulsion which has small particles that can get rid of stubborn stains on stainless steel pot. Daily cleaning should use special cleaning agents, cleaning tools with plastic wrap in the common home, balled, along the lines of stainless steel scrub.

5. good pot cooking fumes basically does not produce smoke, but with time should try to avoid the fire, put the oil pan with the fire continued heating to a relatively high temperature as soot.

6. Question three interlayer insulation thick crust because of good insulation, turn off the heat in advance, with enough warmth to do the dishes. However, this temperature is not suitable for stir-fried dishes, brought fried, boiled relatively easy to use.

7. With regard to the heart of kitchen cookware triple clamp generally on gas, electric, induction cooker, ceramic stove use, but you can not use some steel copper steel in the cooker, to buy time to consult clear. High quality cookware generally applicable to any stove, strong natural gas and gas fire, generally open fire to cook it.