Die casting pot and imitation die casting pot knowledge


Die-casting pot, process generally similar to drawing pot, also use aluminium, just copy aluminium die-casting pot thicker, use forging press down, the cost and the threshold, general middle and small factory can produce. The thickness of the pot body is drawing pot has obvious improvement, similar with the real thickness of die-casting pot. In the domestic market, America is common.

Die-casting pan, technology is relatively complex, need aluminum aluminum ingots melted into water, then into die casting machine, through the mold a integrated, pot body without rivet, general drawing pot pot body and imitation of die-casting rivet are exist, this is also the most intuitive way of judgment. Titanium with the most common in Europe, process cost is relatively high, the pot body thicker, heated evenly, wouldn't be out of shape. Are generally large factory is power, and more for export.

Craftsmanship is just on the one hand, of course, can not directly show the stand or fall of POTS, titanium also look at coating and spraying coatings technology.