How to wash the newly bought non-stick pan


First wash it clean with detergent, then fill it with water, sprinkle with a little salt, and soak it for 24 hours before use.

Before using the non-stick pan you bought, you should wash and dry the pan first, and apply a thin layer of cooking oil on the surface of the pan to increase the non-stick effect.

When cooking food in a non-stick pan, it is advisable to use low and medium heat, and avoid burning dry on high heat.

Metal spatulas should not be used, but bamboo or wooden spatulas should be used to avoid damage to the non-stick coating. After each use, do not rinse with cold water immediately, but wait for the temperature to drop slightly before cleaning.

After using for a period of time, if there are stains caused by the accumulation of leftover food and grease, use hot water and detergent, and clean it with soft objects such as sponges. Do not wipe with steel wool or rough cloth.