Features of non-stick frying pan


1. Medical stone non-sticky permeable layer

The non-stick frying pan is made of natural maifan stone coating. The maifan stone is rich in many trace minerals, which makes the body of the pot harder, allowing you to be more casual in the cooking process and the dishes more conscientious.

2. European standard aluminum material, heat conduction quickly

The wall thickness of the non-stick frying pan is moderate, and the whole body is heated evenly, and the phenomenon of convex bottom is separated.

3, 5 laminated casting, more durable

The five-layer thickened pot body is evenly heated to avoid local burnt and oily smoke.

4. Energy-gathering pot bottom, more energy-saving

The high-strength magnetic-permeable composite bottom is matched with all kinds of stoves, the heat transfer is more uniform, and the durable use does not deform.

5. The pot body is lighter and more labor-saving

The body of the non-stick frying pan needs to be light, so that it is lighter for women and the elderly to use.

6. One flush is clean, more worry-free

A good pot should be easy to clean and manage.

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