Titanium how to maintain


1. Apply with edible oil

When using for the first time, there is a layer of protective film on the non stick pan. Before using, it must be washed with clean water and wiped dry, and then coated with a thin layer of edible oil to maintain the coating on the pan surface. After the oil is immersed, it can be used after being cleaned.

2. Do not use sharp tools

The inside of the non stick pot is made of special materials, which are very vulnerable to damage. Frequent use of the hard shovel will cause the domestic coating to be scratched. Choosing a wooden shovel to cooperate with the non stick pot can effectively extend the service life of the non stick pot and maintain the non stick pot.

3. Clean after cooling

Put the pot on the stove and add oil or food to cook; After use, put the pot on the pot rack and wash it with clean water after the temperature drops slightly. Never put the hot pot directly into cold water for cleaning.

4. Do not over clean

The use of non stick pan is extremely convenient, and the cleaning method is also simpler. When cleaning the non stick pan, do not use detergent, steel wire balls and other cleaning articles that damage the material inside the pan. A small amount of detergent and cleaning cloth can achieve the cleaning effect.