Die-casting pot product quality requirements


Die-casting pot products for people's life, so it has three major characteristics, one is the raw material can not contain harmful substances, the second is that it cannot sparkling appearance after baking, 3 it is to appearance, not a slim casting defects. Therefore, die-casting pot product quality requirements shall include the following aspects:

(a) pan coating material consists of pot body and not contain any harmful to human body health elements, such as aluminum can't lead, arsenic, some even to copper, zinc, one must also standards; Must use teflon coating material, etc.

(2) after die casting appearance not allow cold insulation and flow mark, because of its existence, after casting blast, produces peeling phenomenon.

(3) of the casting, machining, such as car and car), its processing appearance can not have pinhole.

(4) the castings to be heated (according to casting the sintering temperature of coating required), its appearance can not have bubbles appear.

(5) of the casting after cleanup successively, burnish, may not have any shortage of meat, fleshy, scars, pitting, burr and other shortcomings.

(6) of the casting deformation must be within the scope of the permit, die-casting pan with a cover, must ensure that can GaiPing.

(7) casting appearance can not have shrinkage, therefore on the die casting technology to strictly control the mould early.

(8) after casting coating, appearance can not have bubbles, pitting, flow mark, wrinkling (heavy), color should fit sample requirements, the coating after sintering, should be able to function through relevant coating requirements.

Always, die-casting pot product quality compared with the other die casting products, some have particularity, its overall quality, and even more than car die casting.